Large-Scale Ecology: Model Systems to Global Perspectives

55, Advances in Ecological Researc
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The Unique Contribution of Rothamsted to Ecological Research at Large Temporal Scales
J. Storkey, A.J. Macdonald, J.R. Bell, I.M. Clark, A.S. Gregory, N.J. Hawkins, P.R. Hirsch, L.C. Todman and A.P. Whitmore
How Agricultural Intensification Affects Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
M. Emmerson, M.B. Morales, J.J. Oñate, P. Batáry, F. Berendse, J. Liira, T. Aavik, I. Guerrero, R. Bommarco, S. Eggers, T. Pärt, T. Tscharntke, W. Weisser and J. Bengtsson
Litter Decomposition as an Indicator of Stream Ecosystem Functioning at Local-to-Continental Scales: Insights from the European RivFunction Project
E. Chauvet, V. Ferreira, P.S. Giller, B.G. Mckie, S.D. Tiegs, G. Woodward, A. Elosegi, M. Dobson, T. Fleituch, M.A.S. Graça, V. Gulis, S. Hladyz, J.O. Lacoursiere, A. Lecerf, J. Pozo, E. Preda, M. Riipinen, G. Rîsnoveanu, A. Vadineanu, L.B.-M. Vought and M.O. Gessner
Unraveling the Impacts of Micropollutants in Aquatic Ecosystems: Interdisciplinary Studies at the Interface of Large-Scale Ecology
C. Stamm, K. Räsänen, F.J. Burdon, F. Altermatt, J. Jokela, A. Joss, M. Ackermann and R.I.L. Eggen
The Colne Estuary: A Long-Term Microbial Ecology Observatory
D.B. Nedwell, G.J.C. Underwood, T.J. McGenity, C. Whitby and A.J. Dumbrell
Locally Extreme Environments as Natural Long-Term Experiments in Ecology
I. Macek, D. Vodnik, H. Pfanz, E. Low-Décarie and A.J. Dumbrell
Climate-Driven Range Shifts Within Benthic Habitats Across a Marine Biogeographic Transition Zone
N. Mieszkowska, and H.E. Sugden
Cross-Scale Approaches to Forecasting Biogeographic Responses to Climate Change
J.L. Torossian, R.L. Kordas and B. Helmuth
Shifting Impacts of Climate Change: Long-Term Patterns of Plant Response to Elevated CO2, Drought and Warming Across Ecosystems
L.C. Andresen, C. Müller, G. de Dato; J.S. Dukes, B.A. Emmett, M. Estiarte, A. Jentsch; G. Kröel-Dulay; A. Lüscher; S. Niu; J. Peñuelas; P. Reich, S. Reinsch, R. Ogaya, I.K. Schmidt; M.K. Schneider; M. Sternberg, A. Tietema; K. Zhu and M.C. Bilton
Recovery and Non-Recovery of Freshwater Food Webs Effects of Acidification
C. Gray, A. Hildrew, X. Lu, A. Ma , D. McElroy, D. Monteith, E. O'Gorman, E. Shilland and G. Woodward
Effective River Restoration in the 21th Century: From Trial and Error to Novel Evidence-Based Approaches
N. Friberg, N.V. Angelopoulos, A.D. Buijse, I.G. Cowx, J. Kail, T.F. Moe, H. Moir H, M.T. O'Hare, P.F.M. Verdonschot and C. Wolter
Recommendations for the Next Generation of Global Freshwater Biological Monitoring Tools
M.C. Jackson, O.L.F. Weyl, F. Altermatt, I. Durance, N. Friberg, A.J. Dumbrell, J.J. Piggott, S.D. Tiegs, K. Tockner, C.B. Krug, P.W. Leadley, and G. Woodward
Advances in Ecological Research is one of the most successful series in the highly competitive field of ecology. This thematic volume focuses on large scale ecology, publishing important reviews that contribute to our understanding of the field.

Presents the most updated information on the field of large scale ecology, publishing topical and important reviews
Provides all information that relates to a thorough understanding of the field
Includes data on physiology, populations, and communities of plants and animals
Editiert von: Rebecca Kordas, Alex Dumbrell, Guy Woodward
Dumbrell, AlexDr Alex Dumbrell works at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Essex, UK.

Woodward, Guy
Guy Woodward is Professor of Ecology in the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London and Series Editor for Advances in Ecological Research. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications, including recent papers in Nature, Science and Nature Climate Change, with a strong emphasis on understanding and predicting how aquatic ecosystems and food webs respond to a wide range of biotic and abiotic stressors, including climate change, chemical pollution, habitat degradation and invasive species. Much of this work covers multiple scales in space and time and also a range of organisational levels - from genes to ecosystems. His research group and ongoing collaborations span the natural and social sciences, reflecting the need for multidisciplinary approaches for addressing the environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

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