Sketch Public Buildings: How Architects Conceive Public Buildings: How Architects Conceive Public Architecture

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The complex construction process of a building goes through numerous phases and involves the work of many people. However, it all begins with the architect's idea. Sketches represent this initial concept, the moment the architect transfers the image in his or her head onto paper. Slowly, through sketches, plans, renders and scale models, the project takes shape and finally emerges as a building. Public architecture is architecture for the people ?????? the main beneficiaries of these constructions ?????? such as libraries, hospitals, civic centers or museums. Sketches: Public Buildings compiles a selection of recent important projects from public architecture from around the world that can be enjoyed right from the outset.

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Autor: Cristina Paredes
ISBN-13 :: 9788496936324
ISBN: 8496936325
Verlag: Loft
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