Purls of Wisdom: The Book of Knitting
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Purls of Wisdom: The Book of Knitting

Book of Knitting
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Jenny Lord
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With the clearest instructions and pictures, and with Jenny Lord as your knitting tutor, Purls of Wisdom: The Book of Knitting will teach you to knit in a series of simple steps. Do you want to learn to make:

The 'Born Under a Star' baby blanket?
'Cloud Nine' socks?
A classic men's beanie?
Honeycomb cable cushion?
A bramble stitch scarf? Well, the good news is anyone can. After a whirlwind tour through the history of a craft that's been enjoyed for generations, you'll discover where to source the best yarns, and progress from knitting simple scarves to mastering the art of sock knitting and even more sophisticated projects. Following totally original patterns - created by Jenny and some of her friends from the online knitting community - you'll be able to make charming gifts for all your favourite people: your man, your mother, your godchild or the little baby next door. With every pattern rated by level of difficulty, we guarantee that, whether you're a beginner or a more capable knitter, this is the knitting book you'll keep referring to, again and again. 'The only book about knitting you'll ever need. Gorgeous and essential'
India Knight Having learned to sew at the age of five, Jenny Lord discovered knitting in her early twenties when she could no longer resist the luxury yarns she kept spying in her local haberdashery. This is the book she would have liked to own when she first started knitting. Jenny lives in London. Purls of Wisdom is her first book.

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