Sales and Distribution with SAP

Making R/3- SD work for your business
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The book shows how to design the most important business processes in the sales area of each company by using the SAP module SD. It contains valuable tips and examples that show sales reps and managers and distribution center employees how to get up and running quickly with SAP while saving time and money. The SAP R/3 Client/Server system has a direct interface with the Internet. This book provides a concise introduction setting out the case for integrating business functionality on the web. Furthermore the book helps to understand SAP APO in the context of SCM. It is addressed specifically to those who need to implement APO in the context of the sales processes. One chapter contains a detailed practical guide to the use of CATT, SAP's computer aided test tool. It tells how to automate tests and optimize R/3 business processes in the Sales area and how to use CATT tools in tasks such as testing SD-transactions, testing database field values, configuring system tables, and generating test and training data. One chapter is dedicated to ASAP. The reader learnsabout ASAP in its five phases and the various objectives, requirements, time frames, and tasks associated with each phase. Last not least the author offers a a walk-through of the process, from inception through planning, designing and testing.

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Autor: Gerhard Oberniedermaier
ISBN-13 :: 9783528057701
ISBN: 352805770X
Erscheinungsjahr: 17.06.2005
Verlag: Vieweg Verlag
Gewicht: 794g
Seiten: 405
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1/2002
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