Pediatric Nursing (3rd Edition)

Caring for Children, w. CD-ROM
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Pediatric nursing, like all of health care, is changing rapidly. Nurses must learn what helps them to provide safe and effective care today, while integrating new knowledge and skills needed for nursing practice in the future. Pediatric Nursing, Third Edition is a resource that provides that comprehensive foundation - detailing the core of pediatric nursing practice while also providing the critical thinking skills necessary for future challenges. Features: *New As They Grow boxes illustrate the anatomic and physiologic differences between children and adults *New Pathophysiology Illustrated boxes visually explain the pathophysiology of certain conditions as they affect children *Clinical Manifestation tables describe the etiology, presentation, and clinical therapy for selected conditions *Medications Used to Treat boxes feature drug information for specific conditions *Free Student CD-ROM and Companion Website featuring audio glossary, animations, NCLEX reviews, case studies, care map activities, links, and more.

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Autor: Ruth C. Bindler Jane W. Ball
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Verlag: Pearson Education
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