Essential ADO.NET

The DevelopMentor Series
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Essential ADO.NET presents a thorough explanation of ADO.NET, exploring in depth the capabilities of classes, interfaces, properties, and methods. This book also examines the structure of data and demonstrates the ways in which ADO.NET can solve data access challenges. In particular, the discussion focuses on how ADO.NET effectively balances the need for generic functionality with efficiency, and how it is specifically designed to address today's need for scalability, concurrency, and robustness. A convenient reference for programmers moving from other data access APIs, including OLE DB, ADO, ODBC, and JDBC, Essential ADO.NET correlates classes and functions from these other APIs to those of ADO.NET.

You will find practical information on:

How the ADO.NET model can be used to access relational data stores

The DataSet class for in-memory data representation

How ADO.NET handles concurrency conflict-resolution problems

Guidelines for deciding when to use an online stream (DataReader) or offline cache (DataSet)

How to map database information using ASP.NET WebForm

How ADO.NET integrates relational data storage and XML representation with Microsoft's SQL Server.

Essential ADO.NET is the most complete source of information for this crucial piece of the new Microsoft platform. Whether you are new to this application or have used it before, this book will help you to understand and get the most out of ADO.NET.

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Autor: Bob Beauchemin
ISBN-13 :: 9780201758665
ISBN: 0201758660
Erscheinungsjahr: 28.04.2004
Verlag: Addison-Wesley Professional
Gewicht: 826g
Seiten: 521
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2002
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