Environmental Science (9th Edition)

Toward a Sustainable Future, with CD-ROM
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"Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Future, 9/e" focuses on the question, "What will it take to move our civilization toward a long-term sustainable relationship with the natural world?" Its goal is to engage and inform students so they can critically evaluate environmental issues and make informed decisions about their environment. Three main categories define how the author works to achieve this goal: critical thinking, applications, and resources for instructors and students. Critical Thinking: An essential part of teaching environmental science is helping students distinguish sound science from junk science. It becomes increasingly important as students learn to evaluate scientific information and begin to make informed decisions about the environment. "Environmental Science" employs the Strategic themes of sound science, sustainability, and stewardship to help students conceptualize the task of forging a sustainable future for the environment. Applications: "Environmental science" is more than just knowing information about the environment; it's about how students should act toward the environment. "Environmental Science" employs the new Global City CD-ROM, Environment on the Web Exercises, and Making a Difference Exercises to provide tangible, assignable activities that students can use to apply the information they are learning and to put their critical-thinking skills into practice. Student Resources: To fully support students in their learning efforts, this book is accompanied by a strong set of student resources to support students' efforts to learn the material. These resources include an online study guide, a printed study guide, and the student lecture notebook note-taking guide. Please see the book's preface for more information about any of these study aids.

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Autor: Richard Wright
ISBN-13 :: 9780131277632
ISBN: 0131277634
Erscheinungsjahr: 19.05.2006
Verlag: Pearson Education
Gewicht: 1896g
Seiten: 712
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 9/2005
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