Customer-Effective Web Sites

17 rules every e-commerce site must follow
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What your e-commerce customers really want-and how to give it to them! Tomorrows e-commerce winners will be the sites that help customers accomplish their goals better, faster, and more easily. Now, top Web consultant Jodie Dalgleish shows you exactly how to build sites like that-every step of the way. Drawing upon two years of exclusive research on Web customers, Dalgleish addresses every component of e-commerce success: content, navigation, applications, information architecture, visual design, technology, and more. Customer-Effective Web Sites presents 17 rock-solid rules every site must follow to attract profitable customers-and keep them. Discover how to:
- Define your customers true needs and requirements
- Manage Web development for maximum speed, value, and effectiveness
- Fix problems that are alienating your customers right now
- Integrate your site with "bricks-and-mortar" resources
- Plan for "next generation" opportunities your competitors havent recognized Whether youre a executive, marketer, Web developer, or consultant, youre under the gun to deliver e-commerce results--now. Get the book that comes straight from the e-commerce battlefield, combining new, customer-centered insight with Web management techniques that work: Customer-Effective Web Sites, by Jodie Dalgleish.

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Autor: Jodie Dalgleish
ISBN-13 :: 9780130878274
ISBN: 0130878278
Erscheinungsjahr: 05.10.2005
Verlag: Prentice Hall
Gewicht: 567g
Seiten: 274
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1/2000
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