Cross-Cultural Psychology (2nd Edition)

Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications
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This text introduces the field of cross-cultural psychology, discusses basic methodology for cross-cultural research, and explores the fields of sensation and perception, intelligence, human development, emotion, motivation, social perception and interaction, and mental disorders from a cross-cultural perspective. The dynamic author team provides a comprehensive review of theories and research in cross-cultural psychology within a critical thinking framework for examining, analyzing, and evaluating cross-cultural data. The highlights of the Second Edition include: a critical thinking framework and "Critical Thinking Highlight" boxes provide practice in developing critical thinking skills in the context of cross-cultural psychology; new features such as "Culture and Public Opinion," "Culture, Psychology, and Terrorism," and "Culture and Community Psychology" provide students with new information related to current cross-cultural issues; and more than thirty high-interest activities and exercises provide students ample opportunity for active learning and enhanced comprehension - these activities and exercises are designed to serve as class discussion starters, demonstrations, points for debate, individual or group assignments, term papers, or oral assignments. The "Cross-Cultural Sensitivity" boxes in every chapter underscore the importance of empathy in interpersonal communication. Relevant quotations from a wide range of sources provide divergent points of view, pique readers' interest, and inspire critical thinking.

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Autor: David Levy Eric Shiraev
ISBN-13 :: 9780205386123
ISBN: 0205386121
Erscheinungsjahr: 24.05.2006
Verlag: Pearson Education
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Seiten: 394
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2/2004
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