Conceptual Physical Science (2nd Edition)
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Conceptual Physical Science (2nd Edition)

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John Suchocki Paul G. Hewitt
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This text is highly regarded by both students and instructors for its superior conceptual approach to physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth sciences. Working from the premise that students learn best from what they already know, the authors use many interesting analogies and everyday examples to clarify concepts. Consistent, high-quality coverage of all topics includes critical thinking exercises, review questions, and computational problems. Illustrations by geology artist Dennis Targa enhance a unique and well-known art program by Paul Hewitt and his co-authors. - The Conceptual Physical Science website and CD-ROM, created exclusively for the book, provide a wealth of engaging and pedagogically innovative media activities with proven benefit to your students. The website provides you and your students with the best online physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy activities and content including the much praised interactive and animated tutorials, videos, Next Time Questions, problems, projects, and quizzes. For students on the go, a CD-ROM, that includes the best of the website, is also provided with the book. - Friendly writing style that weaves real-world applications into the text to capture students attention and motivate them to learn. - Amusing art and rigorous science are skillfully blended to make challenging concepts visually and intellectually easier to understand. - Link To...boxes make connections between physical science and everyday life. Interspersed throughout the text, these boxes promote discussion of relevant topics, such as the environment and geology. - Concept Checks at the end of each section provide reinforcement of key concepts and test students understanding of what they have just learned. - Calculation Corners give a straightforward step-by-step guide to calculations, enabling students to master the quantitative skills they need to be successful in their course. - Computational problems give students more practice with the basic concepts of physical science, using straightforward calculations to enhance learning of concepts.

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