Computer Confluence (5th Edition)
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Computer Confluence (5th Edition)

Exploring Tomorrow's Technology
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George Beekman

When powerful forces come together, change is inevitable. As we euter the 21st century, we're standing at the contluence of three powerful technological forces: computers, telecommunica­tions, and electronic entertainment. The computer's digital technology is showing up in every­thing from telephones to televisions, and the lines that separate these machines are eroding. This digital convergence is rapidly-and radically-altering the world's economic landscape. Start-ur companies and industries are em erging to Tide the waves of change. Same thrive; oth­eIS Jive into oblivion. Meanwhile, older organizations reorganize, regroup, and redefine them­selves to keep from being washed away.

Smaller computers, fast er processors, smarter software, larger networks, new communi­cation media-in the world of information technology, it seems like change is the only can­stallt. In less than a human lifetime, this technological cascade has transformed virtually every facet of our society-and the transformation is just beginning. As old technologies merge and new technologies emerge, far-fetched predictions routinely come true. This head­rnlang rush into the high-tech future poses achallenge for all of us: How can we extract the knowledge we need from the deluge of information? What must we understand about infor­mation technology to successfully navigate the waters of change that carry us into the future? Computer Confluence: Exploring Tomorrow's Technology is designed to aid travelers on their journey into that future.

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