Children and their Development (3rd Edition)

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For Child Development courses in Psychology, Education, Human Development, Child and Family Studies and Early Childhood Education. Written by a well-known and respected researcher in the field of child development, this topically organized text uses unique and effective pedagogy as the scaffolding for the entire text. Everything from the level of writing, to the use of modules and the special application features such as Focus on Research, Real Children feature, Cultural influences feature and Child Development and Family Policy feature, are all designed to demonstrate how research translates into practice. Kail integrates the field by presenting four fundamental themes in child development research. These themes are used throughout the book to provide students with a foundation. Also, Kail introduces research methods in Chapter 2, and revisits methods again in every chapter. Additionally, each chapter is organized into a series of 3-5 manageable chapter modules. Observations in Child Development CD-ROM brings to life more than 30 key concepts discussed in the narrative of the text. The CD-ROM provides your students the opportunity to see children in action. Each video is also available for use in your lectures on an Instructors CD-ROM. - Emphasis on Major Developmental Psychology Themes used to integrate the field, four major themes are presented in Chapter 1, and incorporated throughout the text. Provides students with a way to integrate and understand the theories and facts presented across the text. -Updated topics e.g. Adoption, meta-analysis, micro genetic studies, community influences, motor development after infancy, overlapping wave theory, conflict resolution and historical change in IQ. -Unifying Themes features. Reviews the material covered in the chapters, and connect ideas to major developmental themes. Students see the continuity of ideas across the field. -Focus on Research. Research methods are introduced in Chapter 2, and covered in every chapter in this feature. Students get to see the details of important studies, and how researchers go about conducting research. -Extensive End of Chapter Material. Unifying Themes recaps each module and links chapter concepts to a major developmental theme; See For Yourself activities encourage students to observe children first hand; Summary organized by module recap the key material covered.

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Autor: Robert V. Kail
ISBN-13 :: 9780131829763
ISBN: 0131829769
Erscheinungsjahr: 13.09.2005
Verlag: Prentice Hall
Gewicht: 1461g
Seiten: 537
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 3/2004
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