Constructing Translation Competence

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Paulina Pietrzak
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216x151x25 mm
39, Lodz Studies in Language

The volume provides current methodological insights into translation didactics. It investigates both theoretical and practical aspects of translator training with a view to exchanging knowledge and resources among those who contribute to the complex and challenging endeavour of constructing translation competence.
Contents: Paulina Pietrzak/Mikolaj Deckert: Introduction - Maria Piotrowska: Revisiting the translator competence in the 21st century - Gary Massey/Peter Jud/Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow: Building competence and bridges: the potential of action research in translator education - Ewa Koscialkowska-Okonska: Translation teaching: how to make it more effective for our students? - Magdalena Kizeweter: Elements of translation theory as part of practical translation classes: why, what and how. Remarks by a practical translation teacher - Jacek Tadeusz Walinski: Application of conceptual conditions for translation of fictive motion - Stanislaw Gozdz-Roszkowski: Generic integrity, intertextual patterning and their role in teaching legal translation - Aleksandra Beata Makowska: Raising students' awareness of challenges in the translation of safety data sheets - Iwona Sikora: Students' errors in business translation: causes, consequences and implications - Agnieszka Chmiel: Contextualising interpreter training through simulated conferences - Marcin Walczynski: Students' anxiety and stress during a consecutive interpreting test and their influence on interpreting output quality: a preliminary small-scale study discussion - Wojciech Figiel: Teaching translation and interpreting to students with vision impairments - Paulina Pietrzak: Using verbal protocols for translator training purposes - Urszula Paradowska: Expert web searching skills for translators - a multiple-case study - Magdalena Kopczynska: Teaching business translation. How to address students' needs and help them master the economic jargon - Janusz Wróblewski: Translation problems for translation trainees - Michal Kornacki: The «making of» a translator - a functional approach to translator training.
«The volume reflects latest trends and developments in the field of translator and interpreter training research, reconciling both theoretical and empirical approaches. The strength of the edited volume lies in its thematic and conceptual consistency, presentation and application of a variety of innovative methodologies and approaches and providing interesting, research-based practical solutions that can be effectively used in the classroom. I am deeply convinced that the volume constitutes a valuable, thought-provoking and useful contribution to the field that will be of interest to the community of researchers and educators.» Dr hab. Joanna Dybiec-Gajer, Associate Professor, Pedagogical University of Cracow

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