Contemporary Approaches in Education

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Kevin Norley
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The book is a collection of research papers on a wide range of educational issues written by educators and researchers from several different institutions.
Contents: Ahmet Gürses/Çetin Dogar/Tuba Dalg: A Design Implementation for Constructivist Learning-Based Interactive Direct Teaching: An Experimental Approach - Emine Ahmetoglu/Zulfiye Gul Ercan/Gokçen Ilhan Ildiz/Demirali Yasar Ergin: A Study of Classroom Management Skills of Preschool Teachers - Seden EraldemIr Tuyan: Teacher-Student Interaction in English as a Foreign Language Classes in Higher Education - FIdan Ugur/NahIde Irem AzIzoglu: Analysis of Turkish Textbooks Prepared for Turkish Children Living Abroad in Terms of Education of Values / Teaching Values to Turkish Children Living Abroad: An Analysis of their Textbooks - Talip Ozturk/Filiz Zayimoglu Ozturk: Evaluation of Candidate Teachers' Attitudes toward Turkish Republic Revolution History and Kemalism Course with Respect to Different Variables (Ordu University Sample) - Nermin Özcan Özer: Handwriting and its Role in Teacher Education - Aysen Arslan: An Evaluation of the Elementary School Teachers' Music Education Program - Nükhet Eltut Kalender: A Review of the Nonverbal and Written Communication in Boris Pasternak's «Doctor Zhivago» - Filiz Kalelioglu: E-Instructor Certificate Program: Reflections of Participants - Mehmet Kurudayioglu/Eren Yilmaz: Persuasion Techniques in Persuasive Texts of Undergraduate Students: A Case Study - Suzana Ejupi/Ermira Elezi: Students' Beliefs Concerning Written Error Correction - Hande Gulbagci Dede: A Study of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers in Different Number Sense Components - Florim Ajdini: Translation Competency Implementation, its Relevance in the Overall Efficiency in Translation from English into Albanian - Havva Yaman/Feride IdI Tulumcu/Tugba DemIrtas Tolaman: Grammar Teaching Problems According to the Opinions of Teacher Candidates: A Phenomenological Approach - Fatma Toköz Göktepe: The Strategies used by Turkish EFL Teachers in the ESP Classroom - Cavus Sahin/Derya Girgin Saridas: A study of a Metaphor: The Opinions of Classroom Teachers Toward the Design of Future Learning Environments by using their 21st Century Means - Cemalettin Yildiz/Mihriban Hacisalihoglu Karadeniz/Resul Göl: The usage of the Biographies of Mathematicians in Elementary and Secondary Mathematics Textbooks - Lisa Gayle Bond/Sari Hosoya: Issues of Introducing Service Learning in the General Curriculum: A Case Study of Foreign Language Classes and Issues of Incorporating Service Learning in the Curriculum at a Japanese University - Bertan Akyol: Organisational Justice in Decision-Making Processes - Ipek Kislali: Freshman Expectations: The Case of the Banking and Insurance Department in a Newly Established School of Applied Sciences - Fatma Alkan/Canan Kocak: The Role of Technology in Teaching Activities: Web Based Teaching Applications - Dilek Sultan Acarli/Canan Koçak/Fatma Alkan: Students' Reasons for Attending Private Courses and their Views on them: The case of Turkey - Habib Akdogan/Yasin Seker: Advances in Accounting Education Affecting Efficiency and Sufficiency of Knowledge - Baris Uslu/Hasan Arslan: The Relationship between Organisational Communication and Organisational Climate in Universities - Nejat Ira: The Issue of Teacher Training in Vocational Technical Education in Turkey - Günes Sali/Özlem Körükçü/Aysel Köksal Akyol: Research on the Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Awareness of Preschool Teachers - Athina A. Sipitanou/Koutova Charilkleia: The Importance of Lifelong Learning for
Contemporary Approaches in Education presents papers of the Fifth European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Sixth European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences in Selcuk, Izmir, Turkey. The contributions deal with a wide range of educational issues, namely teaching and learning, educational policy and school psychology.

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