Gender Structuring of Contemporary Slovenia

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Milica Antic Gaber
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9, Eastern European Culture, Politics and Societies

The authors of this book are critical to gender regimes in the fields of education, work, family life and politics. They are convinced that women and men are faced with different structural opportunities and barriers. Women are faced with significantly less chances to transform and transfer their cultural and social capital into a political one.
Contents: Milica Antic Gaber: The Structuring of Slovenian Society and Gender as the Structured and the Structuring Structure - Slavko Gaber: Contemporary Slovenian Society and its Rationalities - Veronika Tasner/Sara Rozman: The Influence of Changes in the Field of Education on the Position of Women in Slovenian Society and Politics - Pavel Zgaga: The Influence of the Dynamics of Higher Education on the Gender Structure - Iztok Sori/Ziva Humer: Institutions and Mechanisms of the Reproduction of Gender Order in the Fields of the Family and Politics - Jasna Podreka/Milica Antic Gaber: Paid Work, Prestige Professions and Politics - Irena Selisnik/Milica Antic Gaber: Women, Politics and the Value Orientations of Contemporary Slovenian Society.
This volume offers a new view on gender structuring in contemporary Slovenia and the persistence of the gender order - produced and reproduced through gender regimes in education, work, family life and politics. With a focus on the low presence of women in politics, the study analyses empirical data, mapping structural changes, delays of changes and the persistence of existing social structures over several decades. It appears that the choices individuals make in their lives are made in a specific social context of structural opportunities and obstacles. As such, gender difference is first socially produced and later universally used for justification of that stratification.

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