Applications of ICT in Social Sciences

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Biljana Mileva Boshkoska
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This book includes some of the latest practices from business process management and modelling to relationship marketing. Covering a variety of examples taken from real-life, the book outlines the state of the art of social sciences applications and their implementations with Information and communication technologies.
Contents: Nadja Damij/Jernej Agrez: Social Media Knowledge Influence on a Loosely Coupled System: A Case Study of an Informal Humanitarian Initiative - Zeljko Dobrovic/Katarina Tomicic-Pupek/Martina Tomicic Furjan: The Connection between a Process Model and a Data Model: A Metamodelling Approach - Jernej Agrez/Nadja Damij: Business Process Management: Evolution Blueprint and Practical Implementation - Renato Barisic: Secondary School Students and Printed Textbooks - Nadja Damij/Grezegor Majewski: Inclusion of Tacit Knowledge in the Simulation of Business Processes - Joze Bucar: A Research Voucher Case Study: Web Clipping - Andrej Kovacic/Nevenka Podgornik: Sharing Personal Information on the Internet Empowers Relationship Marketing - Gregor Polancic/BoStjan Orban: An Extension of BPMN 2.0 Conversation Diagrams for Modeling Organizational Communication - Nadja Damij/Dolores Modic: Remodeling the Preparation Phase of Intellectual Property Processes via an Activity Table.
In social sciences the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) is an ever growing phenomenon. Emanating from the need of knowledge about society and economy, we are constantly striving to create ideas and methods for a better use of information. This study analyses different practices such as business process management, business process modelling or relationship marketing. It also discusses the use of ICT in a variety of examples taken from different fields such as education, web clipping, public safety, tactic knowledge, or protection of intellectual property and offers an outline of state-of-the-art applications of ICT in social sciences.

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