A Dictionary of Camfranglais

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Hector Kamdem Fonkoua
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216x151x22 mm
Duisburger Arbeiten zur Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft

This book is a dictionary of Camfranglais, which presents the lexicon and uses of this sociolect. Lexico-semantic manipulation is presented. Camfranglais is diachronically presented. The major strength of this book is the fact that it does all necessary lexical manipulations before drawing any conclusions.
Contents: History, origin and definition of Camfranglais - The lexical elaboration of Camfranglais - The poetic making of Camfranglais - Word class and donor languages in Camfranglais.
This book is a simple and clear presentation of the lexis of Camfranglais, an urban youth sociolect in Cameroon. It presents this sociolect as an outgrowth of language contact phenomena that have fossilized especially around the Littoral Region of Cameroon. Methodologically speaking, it uses a lexicographic as well as an ethnographic approach to data collection. Lexical elements have been collected from such diverse sources as Cameroonian popular music, online chat groups and forums like Facebook, blogs, Youtube videos etc. Besides there were group conversations organized for the collection of data. The major strength of this book lies in the diversity and authenticity of its sources which are all traceable. Moreover, all the regular statements it makes about the origin, semantic categories, grammatical classes of the lexis of Camfranglais are the result of the necessary lexical manipulations that should precede these statements. A complete alphabetical lexicon of Camfranglais is presented, and, where possile, etymologies are given. For all entries, real examples are quoted so as to guide the reader to the usage of words. Idiomatic expressions are also presented for different lexical entries. The book will serve as reference for those working on Camfranglais as well as a starting point for lexico-semantic studies on Camfranglais.

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