Fuzzy Information and Engineering

Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Fuzzy Information and Engineering (ICFIE)
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Bing-Yuan Cao
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The Second International Conference on Fuzzy Information and Engineering (ICFIE2007) is a major symposium for scientists, engineers and practitioners in China as well as the world to present their latest results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of fuzzy information and knowledge engineering. It aims to strengthen relations between industry research laboratories and universities, and to create a primary symposium for world scientists.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Fuzzy Information and Engineering (IFIEC), Gaungzhu, China, May 3-5 2005
Fuzzy Information.- Contrast Enhancement for Image by WNN and GA Combining PSNR with Information Entropy.- A Generalized Decision Logic Language for Information Tables.- New Similarity Measures on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets.- Information Source Entropy Based Fuzzy Integral Decision Model on Radiodiagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease.- The Design and Research of Controller in Fuzzy PETRI NET.- Fuzzy Tracing the Source of Net-Virus.- Uncertain Temporal Knowledge Reasoning of Train Group Operation Based on Extended Fuzzy-Timing Petri Nets.- An Improved FMM Neural Network for Classification of Gene Expression Data.- Using Assignment Matrix on Incomplete Information Systems Reduction of Attributes.- An Image Compression Algorithm with Controllable Compression Rate.- A Novel Approach for Fuzzy Connected Image Segmentation.- Knowledge Mass and Automatic Reasoning System in Similarity Logic ??.- Image Segmentation by Multi-level Thresholding Based on C-Means Clustering Algorithms and Fuzzy Entropy.- Fuzzy Sets and Systems.- Extension Principle of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set.- On Vague Subring and Its Structure.- A Common Generalization of Smooth Group and Vague Group.- Sequences of Fuzzy-Valued Choquet Integrable Functions.- Generalized Root of Theories in Propositional Fuzzy Logical Systems.- Countable Dense Subsets and Countable Nested Sets.- The Construction of Power Ring.- On Fuzzy Ideals in BCH-Algebras.- Minimization of Lattice Automata.- Fixed Points in -Fuzzy Metric Spaces.- Common Fixed Points of Maps on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces.- Generalized Fuzzy B-Algebras.- Fuzzy Set Theory Applied to QS-Algebras.- L-Topological Dynamical System and Its Asymptotic Properties.- Integrating Probability and Quotient Space Theory: Quotient Probability.- ?- Convergence Theory of Filters in L?-Spaces.- On the Perturbation of Fuzzy Matrix Equations with ?-T Composition.- Normal Distribution Fuzzy Sets.- Probabilistic Fuzzy Hypernear-Rings.- Isomorphic Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Approximation Space.- Soft Computing.- Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Design for Fuzzy Neural Network.- A Method of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Reasoning Based on Inclusion Degree and Similarity Measure.- A Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Multiobjective Permutation Flowshop Sequencing Problem.- An Optimization Method for Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm Based on Grid and Density.- Obstacle Recognition and Collision Avoidance of a Fish Robot Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks.- Generalization of Soft Set Theory: From Crisp to Fuzzy Case.- A New QPSO Based BP Neural Network for Face Detection.- ECC-Based Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm.- A New Algorithm for Attribute Reduction Based on Discernibility Matrix.- Optimal Computing Budget Allocation Based Compound Genetic Algorithm for Large Scale Job Shop Scheduling.- Fuzzy Engineering.- Multi-Immune-Agent Based Power Quality Monitoring Method for Electrified Railway.- BF Hot Metal Silicon Content Prediction Using Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering.- Speech Emotion Pattern Recognition Agent in Mobile Communication Environment Using Fuzzy-SVM.- Efficient Wavelet Based Blind Source Separation Algorithm for Dependent Sources.- An Incentive Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing.- Application of the BP Neural Network in the Checking and Controlling Emission of Vehicle Engines.- Oil and Gas Pipeline Limited Charge Optimum Maintenance Decision-Making Analysis Based on Fuzzy-Gray-Element Theory and Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process*.- The Fuzzy Seepage Theory Based on Fuzzy Structuring Element Method.- Ecological Safety Comprehensive Evaluation on Mineral-Resource Enterprises Based on AHP.- A Note on the Optimal Makespan of a Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem.- Fuzzy Operation Research and Management.- Advances in Fuzzy Geometric Programming.- A Method for Estimating Criteria Weights from Intuitionistic Preference Relations.- The Area Compensation Method About Fuzzy Order and Its Application.- A Method for the Priority Vector of Fuzzy Reciprocal Matrix.- The Theory of Fuzzy Logic Programming.- Multiobjective Matrix Game with Vague Payoffs.- Fuzzy Geometric Object Modelling.- A Fuzzy Portfolio Selection Methodology Under Investing Constraints.- The Interaction Among Players in Fuzzy Games.- Novel Method for Fuzzy Hybrid Multiple Attribute Decision Making.- Auto-weighted Horizontal Collaboration Fuzzy Clustering.- A Web-Based Fuzzy Decision Support System for Spare Parts Inventory Control.- Fuzzy Ranking for Influence Factor of Injury Surveillance Quality in Hospital.- Decision-Making Rules Based on Belief Interval with D-S Evidence Theory.- An Optimization Model for Stimulation of Oilfield at the Stage of High Water Content.- New Research of Coefficient-Fuzzy Linear Programming.- Artificial Intelligence.- Robust Fuzzy Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Regional Pole and Variance Constraints.- The Existence of Fuzzy Optimal Control for the Semilinear Fuzzy Integrodifferential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions.- A PSO-Based Approach to Rule Learning in Network Intrusion Detection.- Similarity Mass and Approximate Reasoning.- Intelligent Knowledge Query Answering System Based on Short Message.- Comparison Study on Different Core Attributes.- Controllability for the Impulsive Semilinear Fuzzy Integrodifferential Equations.- Remodeling for Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Neural Networks.- Monitoring for Healthy Sleep Based on Computational Intelligence Information Fusion.- Minimization of Mizumoto Automata.- Transformation of Linguistic Truth Values During the Sensor Evaluation.- Guaranteed Cost Control for a Class of Fuzzy Descriptor Systems with Time-Varying Delay.- The Research and Simulation on the Walking Trajectory of the Hexapod Walking Bio-robot.- Research of Group Decision Consensus Degree Based on Extended Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set.- Rough Sets and Its Application.- A Novel Approach to Roughness Measure in Fuzzy Rough Sets.- Rough Communication of Dynamic Concept.- Some Entropy for Rough Fuzzy Sets.- A Fuzzy Measure Based on Variable Precision Rough Sets.- Rough Sets of System.- Synthesis of Concepts Based on Rough Set Theory.- ?-Tolerance Relation-Based RS Model in IFOIS.- Granular Ranking Algorithm Based on Rough Sets.- Remote Sensing Image Classification Algorithm Based on Rough Set Theory.- Topological Relations Between Vague Objects in Discrete Space Based on Rough Model.- Application in Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems.- A Least Squares Fuzzy SVM Approach to Credit Risk Assessment.- Similarity Measures on Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets and Application to Pattern Recognitions.- Updating of Attribute Reduction for the Case of Deleting.- The Research of the Exposition Economy Model.- A Region-Based Image Segmentation Method with Kernel FCM.- An Efficient Threshold Multi-group-Secret Sharing Scheme.- A Morphological Approach for Granulometry with Application to Image Denoising.- A Hybrid Decision Tree Model Based on Credibility Theory.- A Region-Based Image Retrieval Method with Fuzzy Feature.- Association Rule Mining of Kansei Knowledge Using Rough Set.- A Survey of Fuzzy Decision Tree Classifier Methodology.- The Optimization for Location for Large Commodity's Regional Distribution Center.- Fuzzy Evaluation of Different Irrigation and Fertilization on Growth of Greenhouse Tomato.- The Solution of Linear Programming with LR-Fuzzy Numbers in Objective Function.- On Relationships of Filters in Lattice Implication Algebra.- Study on Adaptive Fuzzy Control System Based on Gradient Descent Learning Algorithm.- Uncertainty Measure of Fuzzy Rough Set.

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