Towards a Cleaner Planet

Energy for the Future
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Jaime Klapp
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Environmental Science and Engineering

This book reviews the main energy sources, production problems and energy perspectives in Germany and Mexico. It surveys the status of traditional and alternative energy sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear, hydraulic, eolic, solar, and hydrogen cells. The book emphasizes the search for answers to such questions as What are the main problems of industries based on fossil fuels, and What is the present status of hydraulic and nuclear energy?
Covers the present status of traditional and alternative energy sources like fossil fuels,
General Overview and Energy Efficiency.- Energy for the Present and Future: A World Energy Overview.- Energy, Present and Future.- Advanced Energy Conversion.- Energy efficiency in Mexico - a bird's eye view.- Energy efficiency and conservation in Mexico.- Traditional Energy Resources.- Status of the Mexican Electricity Generation.- Thermoeconomic Study of CCGT Plants.- CO2 Capture for Atmosphere Pollution Reduction.- Fossil Fuels Pollution and Air Quality Modeling.- Fundamentals of Boiling Water Reactor Safety Design and Operation.- General Overview of the Current Situation of Nuclear Energy.- The Clean and Safe Nuclear Reactors of the Future.- Transition Strategies for a Hydrogen Economy in Mexico.- Nuclear Energy Economical Viability.- Natural Safety Storage of Radioactive Waste.- The Reinassance of Nuclear Power.- Alternative Energy Resources.- Renewable Energy in Mexico: Current Status and Future Prospects.- The Development of Thermal Solar Cooling Systems.- Converting Solar Radiation to Electric Power in Mexico.- Some Recent Research on Solar Energy Technology.- Wind Energy: an opportunity for diversifying electricity generation in Mexico.- Development of geothermal energy in México and its energetic potential for the future.- Energy and Activated Carbon Production from Crop Biomass Byproducts.- Hydrogen: The Ecological Fuel for Mexican Future.- Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Option for the 21st Century.

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