Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2007

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Wolfgang Gessner
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From the beginnings of the International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Application (AMAA) to the recent 11th AMAA Forum, enormous progress has been made in reducing casualties, emissions and in increasing comfort and performance. In many cases Microsystems provided key functions for this progress. This publication is a cut-out of new technological priorities in the area of microsystems-based smart devices, taking a mid-term perspective of future smart systems applications in automobiles.
Microsystems are an important factor that contribute to an automobile model's success and reliability
Market.- Pressure Monitoring Sensing Market - Who will win the Race between Hybrid vs Monolithic Integrated Products?.- Prospects and Strategic Considerations for Automotive MEMS Component Suppliers and System Integrators.- Safety.- Reduced Stopping Distance by Radar-Vision Fusion.- Networking Sensors and Actuators for a New Active Headrest.- Classification of Road Conditions - to Improve Safety.- New European Approach for Intersection Safety - Results of the EC-Project INTERSAFE.- Exploiting Latest Developments in Signal Processing and Tracking for "Smart" Multi-Sensor Multi-Target ACC.- Enhancing ACC Stop&Go with Digital Map Information.- Landmark Navigation for Robust Object Tracking in Skidding Maneuvers Using Laser Scanners.- Fast Fusion of Range and Video Sensor Data.- Pedestrian Protection Systems using Cooperative Sensor Technology.- Powertrain.- Misfire Detection System based on the Measure of Crankshaft Angular Velocity.- "Intelligent" High Pressure Sensor for Automotive Application.- Networked Vehicle.- Embedded Security Solutions for Automotive Applications.- Automotive 1 Gbit/s Link opens New Century in Car HMI and Driver Assistance Systems.- The ConnectedDrive Context Server - flexible Software Architecture for a Context Aware Vehicle.- Components and Generic Sensor Technologies.- Sensors for Active and Passive Safety Systems.- Failure Mechanism Analysis as Enabler for improved Test and Reliability Strategy - the Road to Success?.- Intelligent Low-Power Management and Concepts for Battery-less Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).- Inertial Sensor Performance for Diverse Integration Strategies in Automotive Safety.- Far Infrared Low-Cost Uncooled Bolometer for Automotive Use.- New MEMS Timing References for Automotive Applications.- MEMS Gyroscopes for Automotive Applications.- Silicon Technology enabling Cost effective HAR Structures.- High-End Inclinometers - Evolution of Digital Platform towards Performance, Safety and Sensor Fusion.

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