SOFSEM ’96: Theory and Practice of Informatics

23rd Seminar on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Informatics, Milovy, Czech Republic, November 23 - 30, 1996. Proceedings
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Keith G. Jeffery
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 23rd International Seminar on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Informatics, SOFSEM '96, held in Milovy, Czech Republic, in November 1996.The volume presents a unique collection of 19 invited papers competently surveying the field. These papers are organized in sections on fundamentals, distributed and parallel computing, AI and control systems, databases and electronic documents, scientific computing and visualization, programming and software engineering. Also included are 22 refereed and thoroughly revised contributed research papers selected by the program committee for inclusion in the proceedings.
A unified view to string matching algorithms.- Communication in parallel systems.- An overview of the Tigger object-support operating system framework.- The arias distributed shared memory: An overview.- CORBA and object services.- Decision-theoretic reasoning and the human-computer interface: Advances in embedded intelligent agents.- Probabilistic approaches to motion planning.- Learning in order to reason: The approach.- Database semantics in heterogeneous environment.- Business case processing - Rationale, survey and trends.- Data Mining and the Keso project.- Computer Visualization - Concepts, trends and current research.- High performance computing - The computational chemistry perspective.- Iterative methods for unsymmetric linear systems.- Core technologies for system renovation.- Trends in game tree search.- A visual approach to VDM.- Statecharts: Past, present, future.- Scalable fault tolerance.- A deductive database support to the specification of concurrent systems.- Interprocess communication in the T4 system.- A formal representation for state diagrams in the OMT methodology.- Feasible real random access machines.- Temporal conversion functions for multitemporal relational databases.- An output sensitive solution to the set union and intersection problem.- On the semantics of multistage interconnection networks.- Decision trees, knowledge rules and some related data mining algorithms.- Regularity is decidable for normed BPA and normed BPP processes in polynomial time.- A new proposal of concurrent process calculus.- On the specification of visual languages: Multisets as first-class citizens.- Restarting automata with rewriting.- On the role of orthogonality in the GMRES method.- Efficient tree pattern unification.- A light-weight formalism for the specification of reactive systems.- Knowledge discovery in alarm data analysis.- Aunt's problem: Table rounding.- A seven-head dragon for optimal pattern searching.- Choosing reference views for image-based representation.- Recognizing graph products and bundles.- Genetic algorithms-based creation of fuzzy-rule bases for the car control.- A transaction model for mobile and active database systems.

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