Logic in Databases

International Workshop LID '96, San Miniato, Italy, July 1 - 2, 1996. Proceedings
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This book constitutes the strictly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the International Workshop on Logic in Databases, LID'96, held in San Miniato, Italy, in July 1996, as the final meeting of an EC-US cooperative activity.The volume presents 21 revised full papers selected from 49 submissions as well as 3 invited contributions and a summary of a panel discussion on deductive databases: challenges, opportunities and future directions. The retrospective survey on logic and databases by Jack Minker deserves a special mention: it is a 56-page overview and lists 357 references. The papers are organized in sections on uncertainty, temporal and spatial reasoning, updates, active databases, semantics, advanced applications, query evaluation, language extensions, and logic constructs and expressive power.
Logic and databases: A 20 year retrospective.- A parametric approach to deductive databases with uncertainty.- A deductive database approach to planning in uncertain environments.- Termination properties of spatial Datalog programs.- Applying transition rules to bitemporal deductive databases for integrity constraint checking.- Towards a unified agent architecture that combines rationality with reactivity.- Learning query rules for optimizing databases with update rules.- Formal characterization of active databases.- Nested transactions in a logical language for active rules.- Deductive Databases: Challenges, opportunities and future directions.- R-stable models for logic programs.- The expressive power of partial models for disjunctive deductive databases.- Stable model checking for disjunctive logic programs.- Analysis of logic-based systems.- An axiomatic interpretation of confidentiality demands in logic-based relational databases.- Database query evaluation with the STARBASE method.- The limits of fixed-order computation.- The $$mathcal{I}mathcal{Q}$$ system: A deductive database Information Lens for reasoning about textual information.- Arithmetic and aggregate operators in deductive object-oriented databases.- Sequence Datalog: Declarative string manipulation in databases.- Language extensions for semantic integration of deductive databases.- Unification of bounded simple set terms in deductive databases.- Expressiveness of semipositive logic programs with value invention.- A more expressive deterministic query language with efficient symmetry-based choice construct.

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