Linguicide and Identity: A Multi-Generational Study in Pijao Identity

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Linguicide is a government act that illegalizes the use of a language. The motive for this is the elimination of a particular social group or groups via the extinction of its language. In Colombia indigenous languages were illegalized in all but the most remote regions until 1991. While all indigenous languages were seriously affected, the Pijao language was few that disappeared completely. In the generations that followed, the Pijao suffered an immediate change to their social identity as indigenous people. This study analysed the nature of indigenous identity and how the loss of language affects indigenous social identity.
Autor: Joshua James Zwisler
Joshua James Zwisler works in the Universidad del Tolima, Colombia where he lectures lingusitics and sociolinguistics, and leads a sociolinguistics/ethnolinguistics research group.

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Autor: Joshua James Zwisler
ISBN-13 :: 9783330075184
ISBN: 333007518X
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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