Principles of Accounting for non accounting professional

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This is a must read book for secondary and college students who pursue accounting course for the first time in their life time. It imparts basic accounting skills and it has more class activities and assignment that give you self confidence in performing accounting roles and book keeping. The book chapters arranged in a way that step by step starting from simple concepts to more demanding concepts for final accounts preparation. The students get confusion when you define debit and credit as a banker approach in accounting it differs from its literal meaning. The content covered is Introduction to accounting, Principles of double entry Books of prime entry, Ledger accounts, the trial balance, Cash book and banking transactions, Presentation of financial statement as per IAS 1 Adjustments to the financial statements, Cash flow statement. We advise the student during examination to start with simple questions that will allow them to use more energy on difficult question at last. When this book read make sure that you practice each transaction and grasp the said technique otherwise the memorizing may lead more errors in your work and class activities.
Autor: Charles Omollo Malaki
Mr Malaki has been working as credit officer and then business banking manager at CRDB Bank Plc for the past ten years from 2001 to 2011. He joined Sokoine university as a lecturer in agricultural economics and agribusiness he has master of science in agriculural economics from SUA 2010 and he teaches principles of accounting and project appraisal.

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Autor: Charles Omollo Malaki
ISBN-13 :: 9783330074637
ISBN: 3330074639
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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