Digital Privacy in The Middle East

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Globalization has led to countries' interdependence primarily triggered by technological development. Individuals, groups and corporations began communicating across continents like never before. Although we are in the so-called fourth wave of globalization, we are certainly not yet near the end. Technology continues to grow rapidly, thus influencing how people communicate. Social media, Skype, e-commerce and phone applications are only a few of the modes for communicating in today's environment. These all seem like be advantages to the world. However, with every advantage exists a disadvantage. The underlying disadvantage here is privacy. In the earlier part of this paper, we had the opportunity to view how privacy is defined according to Western values. In this text, we will take a closer look at privacy from the Middle Eastern perspective by looking further into the cultural, political and ethical values and and how they impact and influence the views of this region.
Autor: Dena Bateh
Dr. Bateh is currently a full-time Professor of Management & International Business in New York City. Her areas of expertise include International Trade and Marketing. She obtained her Ph.D. International Economics from Columbia University and her M.B.A. and B.A. from Jacksonville University.

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Autor: Dena Bateh
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