Prevalence and Drug Susceptibility Pattern of ESBL Entobacteriacea

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Currently Extended spectrum beta lactamase resistance is increased. Now a days an organism become resistance for more than twelve antibiotics tested using conventional AST techniques.Globally Anti microbial Resistance(AMR) is becoming an issue. To solve this problem Global Health security agenda is initiated as a project and sentinel site surveillance has established in many country to share data for better understanding of the situation of AMR all over the world.This will help to see the burden of AMR among different countries and assist to design the best intervention.Finally I would like to say AMR is Becoming the worlds threat so that we need to work together to have common solution.
Autor: Negga Abera, Teklil Biza, Rajiha Abboker
Name : Negga Asamene Abera (BSc, MSc, MPH) Profession: Medical laboratory Technologist and Field Epidemiologist Place of Birth: North Wollo Date of Birth: 23/09/1978G.C Nationality: Ethiopian Marital Status: Married Address: Gulele subcity

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Autor: Negga Abera
ISBN-13 :: 9783330074231
ISBN: 333007423X
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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