Blue Ocean Strategy: An Innovative Response to Downturn Economies

Case Studies from Egypt
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In times of economic turbulence, businesses start to re-evaluate their strategic plans; the common action is to 'hibernate' and see where the economy is heading. Even the most guaranteed strategies to succeed become uncertain in such tough economies. Therefore comes the question: If there is no catalog or recipe to survive and succeed, isn't it time to try new strategies? The value of this book lies in proposing a new strategic response to downturn economies, by challenging managers to adopt more innovative strategies; not to beat the competition but to make it completely irrelevant. Through presenting success stories of Egyptian entrepreneurs who have successfully created their own Blue Oceans, economic instabilities are viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat, given that the idea of the business is new and original. This book is suitable for existing small businesses whose managers wish to turn things around and reinvent. It is also targeting entrepreneurs who are hesitant to launch their new businesses in turbulent economies.
Autor: Mahitab Shahin
Mahitab Mohamed Shahin, MA. Studied Management at University of Durham, UK. Academic Staff Member at the British University in Egypt.

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Autor: Mahitab Shahin
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