Europeanization of Croatian political parties

Qualitative content statutory analysis of relevant Croatian political parties
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The Croatian Europeanization process started more than a decade and a half ago. Not only did the state itself undergo the process of Europeanization, but political parties as well. Research on behalf of political parties in Croatia is generally lacking and has become even greater in recent years after the accession. To this general lack, there is even a bigger absence of literature about Europeanization, either in Croatian or almost any kind of empirical research that combines Europeanization with Croatian political parties. This is why this research intents to combine Europeanization and political party research and aims to investigate five Croatian relevant political parties' statutes in order to find indicators of Europeanization in them and characterize them with the help of the qualitative content statutory analysis. The research will in the end present the found Europeanization evidence in parties under investigation with their full properties and characteristics and reveal some peculiarities of each party statute in particular in regard to party Europeanization.
Autor: Mia Jurkovic
Mia Jurkovic, MA in Southeast European Studies from the University of Graz and BA in international relations and diplomacy from the University College of International Relations Dag Hammarsjköld.

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