Genetic counselling and orofacial syndromes

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Genetic counselling is a communication process that is non-directive and non- judgmental. History taking and physical examination are essential for the establishment of a differential diagnosis, which is then used as a guide for the selection of relevant genetic test, interpretation of genetic test results and planning of prophylaxis or therapy. In this era of genomic medicine, genetic counselling is an expanding field. This unique medical speciality provides clinical health care, education and emotional support to those families and individuals that face genetic and inherited diseases. For physicians, the challenge is to appreciate the importance of genetic counselling in medical practice, to understand its scientific basis and to be aware of the limitations of knowledge as genetic risks and their outcomes are based on probabilities.
Autor: Parvathy Chandra, Nikita Lolayekar, Amitha M. Hegde
Dr. Parvathy Chandra,Post graduate,Dept. of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry,A.B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences,Deralakatte,Mangalore

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Autor: Parvathy Chandra
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