Attitudes of NZ doctors & nurses toward legalised assisted dying

Report of a national online survey to medical and nursing professional associations
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A survey of over 900 doctors and nurses in New Zealand about their support for, or opposition to the likely legalisation of some form of assisted dying (AD) in New Zealand. Some of the topics covered are: What were the influences on your attitude? What would facilitate your participation in AD, what would deter you? In what circumstances should it be available? How willing are you to participate in AD? Would you support AD as an option for your own end of life? What do you expect from your professional association to support your participation? Responses from doctors and nurses are compared/contrasted.
Autor: Pam Oliver, Phillipa Malpas, Michael Wilson
Pam Oliver is an active researcher in assisted dying measures in Europe, North America and Australasia. She is a clinical psychologist and has recently completed her second PhD (Law). Phillipa Malpas is a researcher and lecturer in medical ethics at the University of Auckland in NZ. Michael Wilson is a registered nurse in Australia.

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Autor: Pam Oliver
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ISBN: 3330071605
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