Leadership Styles that Influence Students' Learning Environment

Kinds of Principals who make the change in their schools
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This book aimed to identify leadership styles that influence the students' learning environment. Specifically, the book attempted to shed the light on the leadership styles that affects the learning environment, the leaders possesses that influence a better learning atmosphere, and the leadership traits that a leader must possess to help in the development of a better learning atmosphere. The author employed a descriptive design using both quantitative and qualitative methods of data gathering. The author included one hundred two respondents who were volunteered by their respective leaders. Respondents were mostly male and young professionals. Majority of them were on their mid to master degree level having eleven to fifteen years of experience. The author combined both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Data were collected using both open ended questions and self- made questionnaire. The results were based from six leadership traits and six leadership styles. Leadership traits were communicator, friendly, self-confidence, secured, persistence and dependable. Leadership styles were pacesetting, authoritative, coaching, coercive and democratic.
Autor: Khaleel Abu Afifeh, Solomon Arulraj
Khaleel A. Abu Afifeh. Jordan- Irbid April 1966. Master Degree in Management of Education and Policy, British University, Dubai. Principal of an International Private School.Issued many research articles about school leadership and effective learning.Presented workshops about teaching methods that improve students learning.

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