Prevalence and some risk factors of isolated systolic hypertension

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Arterial hypertension is the most prevalent disease among cardiovascular diseases. Isolated systolic hypertension is one of clinical types of arterial hypertension. Numerous epidemiological studies were approved that isolated systolic hypertension is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. So that we aimed at determining prevalence and risk factors for isolated systolic hypertension among the Mongolian population. A total of 15 622 Mongolian residents aged 15-84 years old participated in the study. This study was based on the national surveys named "Mongolian STEPs Survey on the prevalence of Noncommunicable disease and injury risk factors" in 2005, 2009, 2013 as well as national survey "Salt intake of the population" which was conducted from 2011 to 2012.
Autor: Dechmaa Jagdal
Dechmaa Jagdal MD.PhD is a Cardiologist. She graduated from Health Science University in Mongolia. Dr.Dechmaa is currently a senior Lecturer at the Department of Internal medicine of "Ach" Medical University. As a clinician she works as a Cardiologist at the Railway Central Hospital in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia.

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Autor: Dechmaa Jagdal
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