Marketing of Domestic Businesses of Female Entrepreneurs

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In this book, it is tried to investigate the effect of entrepreneurial orientation and its components on the home business marketing according to the importance of entrepreneur women presence in entrepreneurship and marketing field and also according to the home business development in Iran. This research purpose is practical and it is descriptive- survey type research. Statistic population of this research include 120 entrepreneur women . From this population 82 women selected as sample which calculated according to the Cochran formula. The research tool is a questionnaire which includes 36 items in the Likert scale. The Content Validity Relation (CVR) method is used to validity measurement and Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient method is used to estimate the reliability. In this regard, the Pierson correlation coefficient and regression analysis is used to test the hypotheses and structural equation model is used to verify the research model and for its calculation, SPSS and LIESREL software's have been used. This research results show that there is a significant relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and its 5 components with home business marketing.
Autor: Rasoul Baghaei Talab Sholami
I graduated in business management; marketing trend. I am interested in small businesses and entrepreneurship and in this regard I have had few articles and conferences. Understanding marketing science made me to be successful in my job and I am very happy about my choice.

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Autor: Rasoul Baghaei Talab Sholami
ISBN-13 :: 9783330042155
ISBN: 333004215X
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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Sprache: Englisch
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