Characterization of Antibacterials from Terrestrial Actinobacteria

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Characterization of Antibacterials from Terrestrial Actinobacteria summarizes the latest research avenues in the exploration of the natural antibacterial compounds derived from soil actinobacteria known for synthesis of pharmaceutically important secondary metabolites. They produce approximately two thirds of all known antibiotics including over several thousands of different chemical structures. Soil dwelling Streptomyces produces 75% of commercially and medically useful bioactive compounds including antibiotics, enzymes, enzymes inhibitors. With the spectrum of antibiotic resistance exhibited by the pathogens against existing antibiotics, there is a need for exploring novel bioactive compounds from terrestrial actinobacteria. Though marine environment offer bounty of bioactive compounds, the importance of terrestrial environment as a resource for antimicrobial cannot be ruled out. The content will serve as a lead for the younger researchers in the field of actionbacteria.
Autor: Ramasamy Vijayakumar, Govindaraj Vaijayanthi, Alagappan Cholarajan
Dr.Ramasamy Vijayakumar is working as Assistant Professor, at Department of Microbiology, Bharathidasan University College, Peramabalur, India. His current research focus is on actinobacteria, Mushroom, Marine Microbiology and Biofilm Microbiology. He has deposited around 15 nucleotide sequences, published 65 articles, 8 book chapters; guided 3 PhD

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Autor: Ramasamy Vijayakumar
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ISBN: 3330041986
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