Corporate Governance & its Influence on Financial Aspects of IT firms

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This book deals with an in-depth analysis of the annual reports of the company and the computation of Corporate Governance Score, according to the Revised Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement as guidelines of Corporate Governance issued by SEBI. The Corporate Governance score is calculated by using seventeen parameters with a total weightage of 100 points. The summed up scores are correlated with the financial performance of the IT companies.It has been pointed out that the corporations that invest their manpower, resources, experience, skills and expertise to take care of the interest of a wide range of constituents and communities with which they interact in accordance with the legislative enactments, widely recognized customs and traditions and high level of ethical practices are considered to be following the principles of Good Governance. Good Corporate Governance is essentially one of the most important determinants in the success of the firm. Host of studies suggest that there exists a relationship between Corporate Governance and firm's financial performance. This fact has been proved in this book in a lucid manner for the benefit of the student community.
Autor: Meraj Banu
The author was awarded Junior Research Fellowship by the UGC,NewDelhi,based on which she completed her research work leading to the award of phd degree in Business Management.She posessess a teaching experience of 12 years in MBA colleges. She is,currently, associated with Anwarul Uloom College of Business Management,Hyderabad, as Professor.

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Autor: Meraj Banu
ISBN-13 :: 9783330041608
ISBN: 3330041609
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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