Determinants of Job Satisfaction In South Indian Private Banks

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With the sprawling growth of private sector banks in South India, various issues of concern in HR have crept in. Few empirical studies available all over have promulgated the author to undertake this academic investigation on job satisfaction in private banks. The author extensively dealt with the determinants of job satisfaction and their relative importance in a systematic manner. The results explain the concept of job satisfaction in the private sector and its linkage with productivity on the job and motivation levels.
Autor: Apparaju V. S. Kamesh
Dr AVS Kamesh is an Associate Professor in K L University Business School, Guntur, India. He teaches Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources Management and Leadership. His areas of research interests include Leadership Development, Human Resources Management and Strategic HRM. Dr Kamesh published in various international and national journals.

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Autor: Apparaju V. S. Kamesh
ISBN-13 :: 9783330040502
ISBN: 3330040505
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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