Culture in the distribution of differentiation of the world management

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This work focuses on identifying culture and its influence on the management performance. The purpose of the research is embedded in the demystification of the differences in the management performance with regard to the cultural differences worldwide. It primarily refers to the differences in the culture of Europe, America and Japan. The afore-mentioned states should be joined by China as well, which is particular in every sense, and with respect to its size, its market value is extremely big. The aim of the research is to determine how, to what extent and in what way are the cultural differences affecting the management of the three afore-mentioned fields of research. The fact that business has become as global as ever and that global markets communicate with each other, affect the management and the differences in management domains, which needs to be examined and explained. The perceiving of the differences in the management of different markets, created under the influence of culturological differences contributes to a better understanding, appreciation and more successful business cooperation.
Autor: Tihomir Lukovic, Ivo speranda, Joanna Kizielewicz
Prof. Dr. Tihomir Lukovic was born on 12 November 1950 in Sarajevo (former Yugoslavia).Since 2005 he works at University of Dubrovnik as Professor for collegiums: "Nautical Tourism","Strategic management","Management of Entrepreneurship", "Controlling".Outside University he enjoys travelling all around Europe for research nautical tourism.

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Autor: Tihomir Lukovic
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ISBN: 3330040386
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