Mastering Disruption and Innovation in Product Management

Connecting the Dots
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Franziska Golenhofen
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Management for Professionals

This book is an essential guide or foundational toolkit for anyone who is involved in the process of developing, offering or selling any type of product or service. Based on how to surf on the waves of innovation and the principle of ¿form follows function¿ (System Architecture), it introduces and connects concepts like Market Understanding, Design Thinking, Design to Value, Modularization and Agility. It introduces readers to the essence of these main frameworks and provides a toolkit that explains both theoretically and practically when and how to utilize which one. The methods and processes described in this book have all been successfully tested in many industries. They apply in today¿s market context of high uncertainty, complexity and turbulence, where innovation and disruption are essential. Readers will find answers to two fundamental questions: How can we implement an innovation process and environment that are conducive to successful product design? And, if our products fail to appeal to customers, how can we achieve a major turn-around with regard to product development?A wealth of examples and case studies help readers to benefit from the authors¿ broad professional experience. Further, lessons learned and conceptual summaries provide valuable shortcuts to the methods and tools discussed.For today¿s CEOs, enabling innovation is one of THE most complex leadership tasks.But innovation is not about theory and nice buzzwords. It¿s about succeeding in the real world. This ¿hands-on¿ book connects the dots and introduces the reader to some of the most relevant ideas and pragmatic concepts fitting today¿s business reality.Dr. Robert Neuhauser, Executive VP and Global Head People andLeadership Development, SiemensAt the most fundamental level this book brings order to chaos. It sets different and highly relevant design approaches into a complementary picture, rather than presenting them as competing ways of solving the same problem. Product designers, managers, consultants, scholars and students will surely have this valuable book within reach on a daily basis.Olivier L. de Weck, Ph.D ¿ MIT Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics andEngineering Systems, Editor-in-Chief Systems Engineering
Explains product development using a blend of Design Thinking, Design to Value, Modularization and Agile
Introduction.- Part I: Disruptive Innovation.- Part II: Frameworks.- Part III: Framework Tutorials.- Part IV: Tools.

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