Growth Frontiers in International Business


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Kevin Ibeh
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The Academy of International Business

The ACADEMY OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (UK and Ireland Chapter)Published in association with the UK and Ireland Chapter of the Academy of International Business
Reflecting the aim of the 43rd AIB-UKI Conference on re-invigorating the still faltering global economy, this new book brings together fresh and interdisciplinary perspectives on avenues for further advancing the growth of international enterprises and the global economy. Growth Frontiers in International Business includes contributions from a diverse number of established and emergent IB scholars, who richly illustrate contemporary international business growth frontiers. The book presents discussion and thought into four main foci; policy frontiers, emerging market frontiers, innovation pathways and ethical growth avenues.
Provides insights on new growth avenues in international business
Chapter 1 Introduction: Towards advancing the growth of international businesses and the global economy (Kevin Ibeh, Paz Estrella Tolentino, Odile E.M. Janne & Xiaming Liu).- Part I - Policy Frontiers.- Chapter 2 Instigating start-up industries as a foundation for international high-growth venturing (Tuija Mainela, Vesa Puhakka and Sakari Sipola).- Chapter 3 SME Internationalization, Public Policy and the Growth Agenda (Igor Kalinic and Jeremy Clegg).- Chapter 4 After-Care Service Provision and Repeat Investment (Paul Kalfadellis and Susan Freeman).- Part II - Emerging Market Frontiers.- Chapter 5 The Growth of Chinese Multinationals: a Micro-Macro, FSA-CSA Framework (Yuxuan Tang and Robert Pearce).- Chapter 6 Business Groups from Emerging Markets: New Actors in International Business (Ayse Coban).- Chapter 7 The Internationalization of new Russian Ventures: the institutional frontier (Igor Laine, Olli Kuivalainen).- Part III - Innovation Pathways - sectors, knowledge flows and entry modes .- Chapter 8 The International Expansion of an Art Museum: Guggenheim's global local contexts(Tiina Anna-Maria Ritvala, Rebecca Piekkari, Henrika Franck and Nina Granqvist).- Chapter 9 The internationalization of socially oriented organizations (Jie Chen, Sami Saarenketo, Kaisu Puumalainen).- Chapter 10 International Knowledge Flows, Productivity and Growth: Evidence from MNEs in the UK (Gary Cook, Yevgeniya Shevtsova, Hans Loof and Pardis Nabavi Larijani).- Chapter 11 Noticing and Capturing Growth Opportunities in International Markets: A Real Options Perspective (Ali Ahi and Olli Kuivalainen).- Part IV - Ethical Growth Avenues.- Chapter 12 Civil and Political Liberties and FDI: an evaluation of Emerging and Developing Economies (Fragkiskos Filippaios, Fatima Annan-Diab and Amir Hermidas).- Chapter 13 Pay Dispersion, Culture and Bank Performance (Ellen Pei-yi Yu and Bac Van Luu).

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