Combatting Corruption at the Grassroots Level in Nigeria

 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Funso E. Oluyitan
2006 g
210x148x0 mm

Chapter I: Introduction The Universal Occurrence of Corruption About the Study Positionality: How the Oath Has Changed My Life The Genesis of Corruption in Nigeria: Colonialism to Independence Nationalism and Independence Nigeria's First Republic Through to the Present Development and Emergence of Modern Days Corruption Government and Non-Governmental Initiatives Against Corruption Chapter II: Theoretical Overview of Corruption Development, Modernization, and Corruption Manifestations of Corruption: Different Sectors, Different Agents How to Counter and Prevent Corruption (Government and Civil Society) Motivation: What It Means and Why Do People Get Involved in Civil Action? Maslow's Theory of Motivation Ethics and Moral Principles as Motivating Factors Development of Ethics/Moral Standards Oath and Religion Africa: Religion and Oath Taking
Chapter III: My Interview with the Oath Takers The Story of My Life in This Study Why Narrative Inquiry? About the ANAC Seminars Data Gathering and Analysis The Selection and Interviewing of Participants for the Study Data Analysis Coding Process
Chapter IV: Research Findings: Motives and Impacts in Oath Taking Motivating Factors Corruption Awareness To Be Part of a Vanguard Upbringing Religion Influence of the ANAC Seminar Impacts of Taking the ANAC Oath Consistent Impact Inconsistent Impact Impact in Relation to Peers Specific Episodes Direct Episodes Indirect Episodes Quantitative Summary of Motivating Factors for Oath Taking and Keeping Summary of Findings on Motivating Factors
Chapter V: Discussion of Findings: Taking, Keeping and Violating the Oath What the Findings Reveal About Motivation Upbringing Religion Awareness of Corruption The ANAC Seminar's Influence Corruption Experienced or Witnessed and Consequent Resistance Commonalities from the Experience of the Participants Values of Revelation in Term of Anti-Corruption Struggle How My Findings Relate to Motivation Theory and Thalhammer et al.'s Theory of Resistance Research Questions for the Future
Chapter VI: Policy and Practical Implications for Future Anti-Corruption Programs Role of Civil Organizations in Combating Corruption Final Thoughts
This book examines public oath taking as an anti-corruption strategy that has been implemented with successful results in Nigeria and that has applications for other countries struggling with similar problems. The author of the book is the founder of Association of Nigerians against Corruption (ANAC), the NGO that first piloted the oath taking program-in which people swear publically not to either take or receive bribes. Drawing on the experiences of the program and interviews with a number of ANAC participants, the author sheds light on some of the dynamics that underlie corruption, the potential of oath taking, and the importance of grassroots efforts and individual moral agency as forces of change.

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