Dynamical Systems on 2- and 3-Manifolds

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Viacheslav Z. Grines
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Discusses classical methods and approaches considered to be promising for the further researchPresents main results on the topological classification of discrete dynamical systemsAccessible to ambitious undergraduates, graduates, and researchers in dynamical systems and low dimensional topology
List of Symbols.- Introduction.- Further reading.- 1. Introduction to dynamical systems.- 2. General properties of the Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms.- 3. The topological classification of the gradient-like diffeomorphism on surfaces.- 4. Wild embedding on the separatrices into 3-manifolds and Pixton diffeomorphism.- 5. The classification of the gradient-like diffeomorphisms on 3-manifolds.- 6. Interrelation between the dynamics of Morse-Smale diffeormorphisms and the topology of the ambient 3-manifold.- 7. An energy function for Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms on 3-manifolds.- 8. The properties of nontrivial basic sets of A -diffeomorphisms related to type and dimension.- 9. The classification of nontrivial basic sets of A -diffeomorphisms of surfaces.- 10. Basic topological concepts of dynamical systems.- Index
This book provides an introduction to the topological classification of smooth structurally stable diffeomorphisms on closed orientable 2- and 3-manifolds.The topological classification is one of the main problems of the theory of dynamical systems and the results presented in this book are mostly for dynamical systems satisfying Smale's Axiom A. The main results on the topological classification of discrete dynamical systems are widely scattered among many papers and surveys. This book presents these results fluidly, systematically, and for the first time in one publication. Additionally, this book discusses the recent results on the topological classification of Axiom A diffeomorphisms focusing on the nontrivial effects of the dynamical systems on 2- and 3-manifolds. The classical methods and approaches which are considered to be promising for the further research are also discussed.

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