Women Leaders in Chaotic Environments

Examinations of Leadership Using Complexity Theory
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Sefika Sule Erçetin
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Lecture Notes in Social Networks

Part I Introduction
Emine Erdogan: The Woman Power Behind Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Foreign Policy Decision Making as a Chaotic Phenomenon: Angela Merkel's Foreign Policy between 2005-2009
"President Vigdis" - The End and The Beginning of Women's Agenda in Iceland
Hazrat Aisha: In Terms of Religious, Authentic and Didactic Leadership Characteristics
Oprah Winfrey's Leadership through Womanhood
A Woman Leader in Ottoman History: Kösem Sultan (1589-1651)
Rosa Louise Parks as a Quiet Leader Who Transforms American Society Forever
Benazir Bhutto- Freedom and Chaos in Her Life
Maria Montessori's Transformation of Special Needs Education
Rebecca Kadaga's Transformation of Uganda's Parliamentary System

Part II
The Plight of Women Leadership in Complex Social Media and Social Networking Systems
Women's Leadership in the Developing World: Learning from the Past, Envisioning the Future
Women Empowerment for Promoting Rural Economy in West Bengal: A Study on Pallimangal (A Unit of Ramakrishna Mission Kamarpukur)
A Complex Issue in Turkish Education System: Gender Imparity (2000-2015 Period)
Gendered Leadership in Multinational Corporations: Gendered Social-Organizations: An Analysis of a Gendered Foundation in Organizations
The Role of Women Professionals in Transformation of Higher Education for Sustainable Development
Women's Challenges in Leadership
Part III
This book spotlights how women leaders behave in chaotic environments and features examples of women who have been key figures in determining complex socio-economic outcomes throughout history. Women leaders can be seen on many high- levels in the political arena, be they a prime minister, empress or opinion leader. From Kösem Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to Benazir Bhutto, women leaders have had an undeniable effect on modern history. Is it possible to understand the current role of women in politics in Turkey without the First Lady Emine Erdogan? Can we analyze Europe's future without Angela Merkel? There are many different books about women leaders' biography or memoirs of persons who worked closely with them. However, until now, no in-depth scientific analysis of such women leaders with respect to chaos and complexity theory has been available. This work represents a unique and important step towards filling this gap in research, and includes an epilogue presenting women's leadership model visualized by an eight-pointed star.

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