Designing with Computational Intelligence

 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Heitor Silvério Lopes
392 g
235x155x13 mm

Discusses various applications of computational intelligence to designWritten by experts in the fieldIncludes the latest research findings
On Using Fuzzy Logic to Control a Simulated Hexacopter Carrying an Attached Pendulum.- Monocular Pose Estimation for an Unmanned AerialVehicle using Spectral Features.- Simultaneous Navigation and Mapping in an Autonomous Vehicle based on Fuzzy Logic.- Fully Scalable Parallel Hardware for Wheeled Robot Navigation using Fuzzy Control.- Nonlinear Correction for an Energy Estimator Operating at Severe Pile-up Conditions.- Non-Supervised Learning Applied to Analysis of Topological Metrics of Optical Networks.- Mole Features Extraction for a Melanoma Recognition System.- Human-Machine Musical Composition in Real-Time Based on Emotions Through a Fuzzy Logic Approach.- A Recursive Genetic Algorithm-based approach for Educational Timetabling Problems.- Evolving Connection Weights of Artificial Neural NetworkUsing a Multi-Objective Approach with Application to Class Prediction.- Diversification Strategies in Evolutionary Algorithms:Application to the Scheduling of Power Network Outages.- WBdetect: Particle Swarm Optimization for Segmenting Weld Beads in Radiographic Images
This book discusses a number of real-world applications of computational intelligence approaches. Using various examples, it demonstrates that computational intelligence has become a consolidated methodology for automatically creating new competitive solutions to complex real-world problems. It also presents a concise and efficient synthesis of different systems using computationally intelligent techniques.

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