Lithosphere Dynamics and Sedimentary Basins of the Arabian Plate and Surrounding Areas

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Mansour A. M. Al Garni
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Focuses on the links between deep earth (mantle) and shallow processes in areas of active tectonics
Part I. Lithosphere architecture.- 1 Crustal and upper mantle structures beneath the Arabian Shield and Red Sea.- Par II. Reservoirs, conduits and fluids.- 2 Architectural and hydraulic characteristics of fault zones in the Mesozoic carbonate formations of Central and Eastern Saudi Arabia. 3 Optimal aquifers and reservoirs for CCS and EOR in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An overview.- 4 Tectonostratigraphic study of carbonate breccias (calciturbidites) in the Upper Triassic Baluti Formation (Northern Iraq): New insights on Tethyan geodynamics.- Part III. Tectonic styles: From rifts and salt tectonics to foreland inversions and thrust tectonics.- 5 Structural and stratigraphic architecture of the Corinth rift (Greece): an integrated onshore to offshore basin-scale synthesis.- 6 Styles of salt tectonics in the sab'atayin Basin, onshore Yemen.- 7 The effect of the Palmyra trough and Mesozoic structures on the Levant margin and on the evolution of the Levant restraining bend.- 8 Tectonic style and structural features of Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny in Central Arabia.- 9 Fast-track 2D seismic processing while drilling to ameliorate foothills exploration and optimize well trajectory: An example from the Central Kurdistan region of Iraq.
This book focuses on the links between deep earth (mantle) and shallow processes in areas of active tectonics in the Arabian Plate and Surrounding Areas. It also provides key information for energy resources in these areas. The book is a compilation of selected papers from the Task Force of the International Lithosphere Program (ILP). It comprises a set of research studies from the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean domain focusing on (1) the architecture, geodynamic evolution and modelling of the Red Sea rift system and its surroundings, and tectonics and sedimentation in the Gulf of Corinth, (2) the crustal architecture and georesources of the North Algerian Offshore, (3) Reservoirs, aquifers and fluid transfers in Saudi Basins, Petroleum systems and salt tectonics in Yemen and (4) Cretaceous-Eocene foreland inversions in Saudi Arabia.

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