Heritage in Action

Making the Past in the Present
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Helaine Silverman
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In this textbook we see heritage in action in indigenous and vernacular communities, in urban development and regeneration schemes, in expressions of community, in acts of nostalgia and memorialization and counteracts of forgetting, in museums and other spaces of representation, in tourism, in the offices of those making public policy, and in the politics of identity and claims toward cultural property.Whether renowned or local, tangible or intangible, the entire heritage enterprise, at whatever scale, is by now inextricably embedded in ¿value¿.The global context requires a sanguine approach to heritage in which the so-called critical stance is not just theorized in a rarefied sphere of scholarly lexical gymnastics, but practically engaged and seen to be doing things in the world.
Highlights the dynamic processes of heritage, emphasizing that heritage is always in action
Part I: Introduction.- 1. An Introduction to Heritage in Action (Emma Waterton, Steve Watson and Helaine Silverman).- Part II: Making and Remaking Heritage.- 2. The Case for Ethical Guidelines: Preventing Conflict in the Selection of World Heritage Sites (Michael Angelo Liwanag).- 3. Restoring a Nyingma Buddhist Monastery, Nepal (Hayley Saul and Emma Waterton).- 4. Reconnections (Steve Watson and Emma Waterton).- Part III: Stakeholder Challenges.- 5. The Formation of Heritage Elites: Talking Rights and Practicing Privileges in an Afro-Colombian Community (Maria Fernanda Escallon).- 6. Ethical or Empty Gestures?: World Heritage Nominations in Conflictual Contexts (Helen Human) .- 7. Encountering Migration Heritage in a National Park (Denis Byrne).- Part IV: Memories of War.- 8. Critical Heritage Debates and the Commemoration of the First World War: Productive Nostalgia and Discourses of Respectful Reverence during the Centenary (David C. Harvey).- 9. Lapland's Dark Heritage: Responses to the Legacy of World War II (Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto and Suzie Thomas).- Part V: Urban Contexts.- 10. Heritage Activism and Cultural Rights: The Case of the New Acropolis Museum (Kalliopi Fouseki and Maria Shehade).- 11. Public Perception and Conservation: The Case of Alexandria's Built Heritage (Lama Said and Yomna Borg).- Part VI: New Mobilities.- 12. What of Heritage in a Mobile World? Negotiating Heritage/Tourism/Community in Luang Prabang, Laos (Russell Staiff and Robyn Bushell).- 13. Heritage on the Go: Abbreviated Heritage in a Mobile World (Helaine Silverman).- 14. Moveable Feasts: Food as Revitalizing Cultural Heritage (Michael A. Di Giovine, Jonathan B. Mabry, and Teresita Majewski).- 15. Technologies, Technocracy and the Promise of 'Alternative' Heritage Values (Trinidad Rico).

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