Fiber-Wireless Convergence in Next-Generation Communication Networks

Systems, Architectures, and Management
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Gee-Kung Chang
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Addresses the Fi-Wi convergence issues at three different levels, namely at the system level, network architecture level, and network management level
Introduction.- Future Radio Access, WiFi-LTE, LTE advanced:the path to 5G.- Evolution and Trends of Broadband Access Technologies and Fiber-Wireless Systems.- The Benefits of Convergence through Fiber Wireless Integration and Networking.- Analog and Digitized Radio-over-Fiber.- Overview of standardization for D-RoF.- Wireless delivery of over 100Gb/s mm-wave signal in the W-band.- Systems Challenges for SDN in Fiber Wireless Networks.- Architectural Evolution and Novel Design of Fiber-Wireless Access Networks.- Advanced architectures for PON supporting Fi-Wi convergence.- BBU Hotelling in Centralized Radio Access Networks.- Rethink Ring and Young: Green and Soft RAN for 5G.- Next Generation PoP with functional convergence re-distributions.- Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) Systems.- Converged Wireless Access/Optical Metro Networks in Support of Cloud and Mobile Cloud Services deploying SDN Principles.- Conclusion and Future Topics.
This book investigates new enabling technologies for Fi-Wi convergence. The editors discuss Fi-Wi technologies at the three major network levels involved in the path towards convergence: system level, network architecture level, and network management level. The main topics will be: a. At system level: Radio over Fiber (digitalized vs. analogic, standardization, E-band and beyond) and 5G wireless technologies; b. Network architecture level: NGPON, WDM-PON, BBU Hotelling, Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RANs), HetNets. c. Network management level: SDN for convergence, Next-generation Point-of-Presence, Wi-Fi LTE Handover, Cooperative MultiPoint.

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