Centrality of History for Theory Construction in Psychology

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Sven Hroar Klempe
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Provides a unified base for discussion of the place of history of psychology within current psychology Examines current perspectives on the reciprocal relationship between history and psychology Surveys key case studies on the purposes history has in psychological thought
Part I: Theory and Practice.- Chapter 1. History of Psychology - What For?.- Chapter 2. The Universal and the Particular in Psychology and the Role of History in Examining Both.- Chapter 3. Six Meanings of the History of Science: The Case of Psychology.- Chapter 4. Beyond the "Variables": Developing Metalanguage for Psychology.- Chapter 5. The Shackles of Practice: History of Psychology, Research Assessment, and the Curriculum.- Chapter 6. History for "Polycentric" Psychological Science: An "Outsider's Case".- Part II: History At Work.- Chapter 7. The Dominant as a Model Chronogenic Challenge: The Relevance of A.A. Ukhtomsky's and L.S. Vygotsky's Traditions for Systemic Cognitive Studies.- Chapter 8. Constructiveness in the History of Psychology: Bartlett from Past to Future.- Chapter 9. A History of Psychology's Complicated Relationship to Feminism: Theorizing Difference.- Chapter 10. Autonomy, Theory, and "Applied" versus "Basic": Work Psychology and Its Search for Identity in Finland, ca. 195 - 2000.- Chapter 11. Subjectivity in the History of Psychology - A Systematic or a Historical Change?.- Part III: Commentary.- Chapter 12. Commentary I: Functions and Trends in the History of Psychology.- Chapter 13. Commentary II: The Past and the History of Psychology.
This book offers a comprehensive overview of the purpose of history for psychology. Its purpose is to ask why history should be of concern to psychologists in teaching and research, and in theory and in practice. The future position of humanities subjects is currently highly debated on all fronts. Chapters focus on the arguments from psychologists, upgrade the precision and quality of discussion, and thus, provide a base for affirming the place of history of psychology in the broad field of psychological activity.

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