Designing Networks for Innovation and Improvisation

Proceedings of the 6th International COINs Conference
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Andrea Fronzetti Colladon
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Part I - Communities, Societies & CultureCultural Differences in the Understanding of History on WikipediaThe Emergence of Rotating Leadership for Idea Improvement in a Grade 1 Knowledge Building CommunityLeanne MaCreating Community Language for Collaborative Innovation CommunityIroha Ogo, Satomi Oi, Jei-Hee Hong and Takashi IbaSociological Perspective of the Creative SocietyTakashi IbaPart II - Machine Learning, Prediction & NetworksPredicting 2016 US Presidential Election Polls with Online and Media Va-riablesUS Election Prediction - A Linguistic Analysis of US Twitter Users"Only say something when you have something to say" - Identifying Creatives Through Their Communication PatternsSome Insights into the Relevance of Nodes' Characteristics in Complex Net-work StructuresPart III - PatternsWorkshop Generators Patterns: A Supporting Tool for Creating New Values in a WorkshopDesign Patterns for Creative Education ProgramsPattern Objects: Making Patterns Visible in Daily LifeFrom Chefs to Kitchen Captains: A Leader Figure for Collaborative Networks in the KitchenPart IV - Social Media & Social NetworksMeasuring the Level of Global Awareness on Social MediaThe Citizen IS the Journalist - Automatically Extracting News from the SwarmGrowth Hacking: Exploring the Meaning of an Internet-born Digital Market-ing BuzzwordADR Processes for Creating Strategic Networks for Social Issues: Dementia ProjectsDepression as a Global Challenge and Online Communities as an Alternative Venue to Develop Patients-led Supportive Network Appendix - KeynotesLeadership, Communication and CharismaBuilding Collective Consciousness - Homo CollaborensisWords and Networks: Using Natural Language Processing to Enhance Graphs and Test Network Theories
This volume is focused on the emerging concept of Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs). COINs are at the core of collaborative knowledge networks, distributed communities taking advantage of the wide connectivity and the support of communication technologies, spanning beyond the organizational perimeter of companies on a global scale. It includes the refereed conference papers from the 6th International Conference on COINs, June 8-11, 2016, in Rome, Italy. It includes papers for both application areas of COINs, (1) optimizing organizational creativity and performance, and (2) discovering and predicting new trends by identifying COINs on the Web through online social media analysis. Papers at COINs16 combine a wide range of interdisciplinary fields such as social network analysis, group dynamics, design and visualization, information systems and the psychology and sociality of collaboration, and intercultural analysis through the lens of online social media. They will cover most recent advances in areas from leadership and collaboration, trend prediction and data mining, to social competence and Internet communication.

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