The Holy Spirit and Christian Formation

Multidisciplinary Perspectives
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Diane J. Chandler
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Presents a strong interdisciplinary approach.Offers a rigorous scholarly treatment of the traditional disciplines related to formation (e.g. the Bible, spirituality, ethics, and theology).Links theology with the social sciences.
Introduction; Diane J. Chandler Part I. Interdisciplinary Perspectives 1. Spiritual And Relational Formation: How Contemplative Prayer And Psychodynamic Therapy Enhance Loving God And Others; Kelly Breen Boyce and Nanci Fisher Erkert 2. Emotional Formation: A Trinitarian Interaction; Ray S. Yeo3. Psychological Formation: A Pentecostal Pneumatology And Implications For Therapy; Stephen Parker4. Suffering As Formation: The Hard Road To Glory; Elizabeth Lewis Hall  Part II. Theological Perspectives 5. Scriptural Formation: The Power Of The Biblical Story; Cornelius J. Bekker 6. Ethical Formation: The Theological Virtues; Michael Palmer7. Theological Formation: Dialogical Interplay Between Barth, Hauerwas, and Bonhoeffer; Derek W. TaylorPart III. Practice-Oriented Perspectives 8. Sacramental Formation: The Role Of The Eucharistic; Mary Patton Baker 9. Vocational Formation: Navigating Leadership Disorientation; Philip T. Howard10. Physical Formation: Health Stewardship And Embodied Realities; Diane J. Chandler11. Character Convergence: The Prospect Of Holy Living; Stanley HauerwasEpilogue; Diane J. Chandler
This volume discusses the importance of a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to Christian formation based upon godly love and the imago Dei (Latin, image of God). Grounded biblically and theologically, this interdisciplinary collection offers perspectives drawn from spirituality, ethics, philosophy, psychology, counselling, ecclesiology, physical health sciences, and leadership studies. Contributors address spiritual, emotional, and psychological formation, while highlighting how suffering has the potential to draw one closer to God and others. The book also details vocational development, appropriate stewardship of the physical body, and the ways in which the Eucharist sacramentally contributes to the process of formation. The book concludes with a call for further exploration of additional research trajectories, not the least of which is how Christian formation contributes to the missio Dei, the mission of God.

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