Electric and Hybrid Buses for Urban Transport

Energy Efficiency Strategies
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Calin Iclodean
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Systematically assesses the performance of electric and hybrid buses in urban areasPresents a complete set of technical scenarios and case studies Discusses key developments in intelligent vehicle technologies
-1 Hybrid and electrical propulsion systems.- 2 System architecture mathematical models and simulation.- 3 Propulsion systems- fleet usage.- 4 Virtual road infrastructure.- 5 Simulation in the loop- case study.- 6 Evaluation and optimisation of the propulsion system.- 7 Energy efficiency evaluation-case study.- 8 Conclusions.- 9 References.
This book provides a systematic assessment of the performance of electric and hybrid buses in urban areas on a daily basis and presents a complete set of technical scenarios to promote their efficient exploitation. It will also help readers understand how future buses will perform on specific roads and how the latest technologies can be integrated into existing fleets by proposing a methodology for evaluating the energy consumption for general and specific routes and scenarios. Covering all aspects relating to the daily use of electric and hybrid buses, including maintenance strategies, power train configuration, battery replacements, route evaluation, and charging speed, emphasis is placed on energy efficiency and effective implementation. Addressing key developments in intelligent vehicle technologies, the book presents innovative transportation technologies and a broad range of topics in transportation-related sustainability research, from vehicle systems and design, to mass transit systems.

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